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10 reasons to stop smoking cannabis

“Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem”

Kurt Cobain

Cannabis PlantCannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Mary-Jane, Ganja, Bud, Skunk, Grass, Gear, Hash.

There are many names for this flowering plant which is cultivated and smoked all over the world. The best suited is ‘Weed’, because that is exactly what it is.

A disgusting weed growing in the middle of a well manicured lawn. A weed sent to rot your mind, rid you of all motivation and a precursor to thoughts of anxiety, panic and paranoia.

When you awaken you have a whole glorious day ahead that you can make yours. Go lift some weights, go for that run, put some serious time in on a new project, work outside doing the garden or go spend time with family and friends.

As soon as you decide to roll up a dirty joint, stick it in your mouth and inhale its toxic fumes you have instead decided to end your day.

Once you’re stoned all you can do is sit there in a haze, devoid of any desire to do anything useful.

Smoking dope makes you happy with being bored, and boredom is where the mind wanders aimlessly and where your worries and fears live and thrive.

Who do you think will feel more anxious?

a) Someone sat in a cloud of smoke in a darkened room who doesn’t see the light of day and gets nothing productive done


b) Someone with a clear mind, focused and determined to make the most of the day ahead and looking to take the new opportunities which come their way.

It’s an easy answer.

Here are 10 reasons to stop smoking cannabis:

1) When you stop smoking cannabis you wake up each day with a fresh mind

Waking up feeling fresh each morning makes a huge difference to the way you feel for the rest of the day. Your mind and thoughts work best when your head is unclouded and ready to face the day ahead.

You can get up out of your bed and get stuck straight in to whatever you have planned. An idle mind is the perfect place for those unwanted thoughts of worry, anxiety and depression to grow.

By stopping smoking the weed you are allowing your brain to function as it should, so you can get on and focus on the things you have to do.

2) Smoking weed saps your energy and drive

By stopping your energy and drive will return and you can use your new found energy to make the right decisions to help you take the path to recovery from anxiety and panic.

You will want to challenge yourself and go do what is important in your life. Hit the gym, play some sport, go make some money, build something new or spend time with your friends and family.

When you smoke the weed you will not be able to do the things necessary to look after your body and improve your mind.

3) Smoking weed makes you crave junk food

The munchies make your brain crave food containing trans fats and simple carbohydrates. You’re too stoned out of your mind to be able to cook anything healthy, so you reach for the easiest available thing – highly processed junk.

Anxiety is often strongest when your brain is not able to work at optimum conditions, never underestimate the power of real wholesome food to help your mind work properly.

4) Cannabis is linked with a whole range of mental health issues

From anxiety, suspicion, panic and paranoia whilst using, to schizophrenia, bi-polar, poor memory, anxiety, panic attacks and depression later down the line. Read more about it here.

You are dabbling in the unknown and putting the brain, the most powerful thing you posses at risk of long term damage.

Have you ever spoken to someone who has abused cannabis for years on end?

They are slow, forgetful, mumble their words and just come across as plain stupid and dumb.

How do you think this makes them feel inside when they can’t even hold a decent conversation without stuttering and mumbling the whole way through?

There’s a reason it’s called dope.

5) Smoking weed while your brain is still developing is a recipe for disaster

While your brain is still growing the cannabis can cause chemical changes which can alter its development and cause serious issues. Studies also show that school work is impaired and exam results suffer.

This is the age when you have the chance to learn and grow the most. If you want to be somebody and not just another hopeless layabout you need your brain in top condition.

6) Cannabis smoke contains over 400 chemicals

The smoke inhaled contains 50-70% more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke. Smoking weed damages your health, but not only that it destroys any motivation to get out there and exercise and keep fit.

Have you ever seen a dope smoker excel at athletics, sport or lifting weights?

No, they have little scrawny bodies with tiny arms, often combined with a pot belly from all the junk food they have been eating. When you look like crap, you feel like crap.

When you have a clear mind and high energy you can exercise, get in shape and feel all the better for it.

7) Smoking weed damages your social life

You end up hanging out with the same old stoner friends because they’re the only ones who ‘get you’. You spend less time with your family and with people who are out there living life to the full.

The people you choose to associate with in life make a huge difference to your mood, outlook and the decisions you make.

Instead, by only hanging out with other stoners, their laziness rubs off on each other and they all sit round in clouds of smoke happy in their boredom.

8) Being stoned all the time stops you experiencing life as it should be felt

Daily use of cannabis creates a parallel world where everything is experienced through the haze of a clouded mind.

Real life is experienced with a fully functioning brain just as nature intended it to be.

Those who smoke cannabis daily end up just feeling every day the same as the next, life becomes devoid and numb.

9) Smoking weed impairs the body’s immune system

You are more susceptible to illness and this means you’ll spend more time in bed and less time out there getting shit done and feeling great.

The fact that cannabis users all sit around indoors together sharing a joint just increases their chances of catching germs from one another.

10) Smoking weed can lead to acute onset of depersonalisation and derealisation

As cannabis strains are produced in ever stronger strengths the human mind is pushed even further to its limits.

Acute onset depersonalisation and derealisation can be caused when a marijuana induced panic attack pushes the mind over the edge and in to a protective state to save itself from further damage.

These are truly terrifying experiences; depersonalistaion makes you feel like your body is unreal, that you’re not connected to it and like you are watching yourself in a film.

Derealisation makes you think the world is unreal, objects and people seem to look different, strange and unfamiliar – some sufferers even think people are not real but robots and automatons.

Sounds like a laugh, but it’s not.

Below I have quoted some examples of how these two conditions make people feel, from a book called ‘Feeling Unreal – depersonalisation disorder and the loss of self‘:

  • Ron’s problem is a mental one and he knows it. Trapped within the confines of his mind, he is too aware of every thought passing through it, as if he were outside looking in. At night he often lays awake ruminating endlessly about what is wrong with him, about death, and about the meaning of existence itself. At times his arms and legs don’t feel like they belong to his body. But most of the time, his mind feels like it’s operating apart from the body that contains it
  • Tom, a 44 year old sales executive, feels like he gets through his job using 10% of his brain capacity. “I’ll sit in an important meeting and be asked crucial questions and somehow I come up with the answers. But I’m not really there. It’s as if nothing is real, myself or the meeting I am in”.
  • “I sometimes feel like I’m from Mars” says Cheryl, a 33-year old fabric designer. “Being human seems strange, bodily functions seem bizarre….My thoughts feel separate from my body. At times, the most common, familiar objects seem foreign, as if I am looking at them for the first time”.
  • Greg 42: “I want to feel things like everyone else again, but I’m deadened and numb. I feel like I’m not here, I’m floating around. A separate part of me is aware of all my movements; it’s like I’ve left my body. My mind and body are somehow not connected. It’s like glass over my eyes, a visual fog totally flat and two-dimensional”.

These two conditions can also be caused by emotional abuse and accumulated trauma, but acute onset can be caused by weed smoking. This is the very severe end of the spectrum, but you need to understand the risks you are playing with.

Depersonalisation and derealisation can often be an extension of severe general anxiety. The stress it puts on your body is so strong that the brain makes you feel as if you are not there to try and protect you.

If you are already a very anxious person then cannabis can trigger a very fast onset of these conditions.

Is it worth the risk?

Kicking the weed habit can do wonders for the mind, prevent mental health issues occurring and help you recover from anxiety and panic. Like alcohol, don’t use weed as an excuse to escape your mind and to escape reality.

By doing this instead of facing your fears you are simply perpetuating them and are likely to be causing your brain even further issues later in life.

Successful, happy and content people do not require the use of a drug to feel better, or to chill out and relax.

Drugs damage the brain, stunt productivity and rid you of your drive and motivation to recover from anxiety.


Hugo Rock


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