About Calm and Courageous

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

The Idea

The quote above is the essence of this blog. It was written almost two thousand years ago, but still rings as true today as the day it was written.

The speed at which mankind has advanced civilisation through our knowledge, understanding and innovation is truly amazing. Yet despite this, for many, the ability to live without daily worry, stress, anxiety and panic still eludes.

We live inside our minds, a place that cannot be touched or altered in the same way we have changed the physical world we inhabit.

Our minds are incredible, but we can be brought to our knees by a simple thought that can permeate through us and alter our entire being.

It is these thoughts that cause worry, anxiety and panic attacks. They drive our fears and can prevent us living the lives we want.

Something is not quite right.

Surely we all have within us the ability to make our thoughts work for us, rather than against us?

The Blog

This blog had been an idea of mine for a while.

I wanted to create a place to help those who suffer with worry, anxiety, panic attacks and general negative thinking.

To give people that spark needed to ignite a fire inside them. A fire which gives them the strength to make the changes in their thinking that they require.

Calm and Courageous is all about having a positive mental mindset.

Its core focus is to help with the following:

  • Understanding your current thought processes and why they cause anxiety, worry, fear and panic
  • Untwisting those negative thoughts and learning new positive and productive ways of thinking
  • Understanding that anxiety and panic exist because of your fear of them
  • Understanding that it takes time and patience to feel better – there is no ‘quick fix’
  • Giving you the desire and motivation to keep going, never giving in – whatever you face

You will do this because you know you do not want to continue as you are, knowing your life is being held back by your thoughts and fears.

Everyone wants to feel a sense of purpose in their life and feel fulfilled by their achievements and sense of satisfaction. Anxiety and panic can be a huge barrier for many in their ability to accomplish this.

I firmly believe that it is not only possible for everyone, but also plays a key role in the recovery process.

To stand up and shout:

This will not stop me being who I can be!

This blog is about using your thoughts for positive changes, to enable you to do things you never thought possible.

To understand that the way you think is key to getting the most out of life.

You want to feel life as it should be felt, to develop new skills and push yourself further than you thought possible so you can achieve the things in life you desire.

Most importantly this blog is about discovering that you can live life to its fullest and can escape whatever troubles you have inside your mind.

The Name

The name ‘Calm & Courageous’ was chosen because it incorporates the two states of mind we strive to achieve.


To be calm is to be in control. It is the state which the mind can feel most at peace in, where you feel sure and certain about who you are and the next steps you need to take in whatever you wish to do.


Courage is not the absence of fear, but to act in spite of it. To be courageous you do not need to take reckless risks. Courage requires the will and determination to push yourself to do things you never thought possible, no matter how small they may be.

The Author

Hugo Rock Amalfi CoastMy name is Hugo Rock and I am the owner of CalmandCourageous.com

For almost 10 years I have battled with my own thoughts which had led me to succumb to worry, anxiety and panic attacks. During this time I have reached lows I never thought possible.

I stopped being the person I once knew and every day I lived with a hollow feeling inside me that would just not go away.

Through detailed study, experience and a lot of trial and error trial I learned a lot about my mind and how it can control my thoughts, feelings and even my actions.

I have pushed and challenged myself and have taken huge steps on my path to recovery. I have found I can untangle my thoughts and re-train my thinking.

The changes I have begun feel so good that I have vowed to never give in. To move only forward, even if that means at times, a step back is required first.

My journey is still ongoing and I now view it with excitement and welcome anticipation. I feel a million miles away from where I was a few years ago, but I am still learning and growing as I go – one step at a time.

My aim is to start you on your path to recovery and to reduce your twists and turns along the way.

The goal is simple: to live a life which is both Calm and Courageous!

The Warning

This blog is not here to comfort you, to tell you it will just all be alright.

It is here to give you the drive and motivation along with methods, tools and techniques required to make real changes in your life.

It puts the emphasis on you.

There will be no breathing exercises, no tranquil settings and certainly no talk of pills to swallow.

Here we value determination, dedication and positivity. A desire to do what it takes, never giving up.

You will take responsibility for your actions and understand that only you can help yourself.

Deep within you have everything you need to break free of your thoughts and fears and return to that person you knew before.

The Rules

There are no hard or fast rules.

To get the most out of the site you will need to get involved. Comment on posts, share your thoughts and ideas and never be afraid to speak you mind.

That said, this is a place where we encourage positivity and this should be reflected in your posts.

This is not a place to unload your life’s troubles and woes. It is for people who want to change, grow and rid themselves of the thoughts and feelings which are negatively affecting their lives.

To get involved you can:

  • Comment on any of the posts
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Hugo Rock

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