The Lies of Anxiety

Don’t believe your lies

“We’re going to have to let truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us”

Beth Moore


The Lies of AnxietyIf I could give one piece of advice which encompasses every single aspect of anxiety and panic it would be this:

Do not believe the lies your thoughts are telling you.

No matter how relentless and real they may feel, you must remember they are not true. They are not who you are.

They are the lies of anxiety, they are the lies of panic.

You feel like you’re losing your mind and will end up going insane.

Don’t believe your lies, crazy people do not think about going mad, only anxious people do.

You spend hours trawling the internet trying to match your symptoms to every ailment imaginable, once you’ve found the best fitting one you tell yourself this is what you must have.

Don’t believe your lies, you’re not a doctor, you’re an anxiety sufferer, looking for a reason for why you feel the way you do.

You go to the doctor to get yourself checked for what you think you have. The test results come back negative, you feel a huge sigh of relief but then a few days later you’re back online trying to find out what else it can be.

Don’t believe your lies, you are fine, you have anxiety, nothing more, nothing less. 

You’re having a panic attack and you feel like you’re going to die.

Don’t believe your lies, no one has ever died from a panic attack.

You’re feeling panicked and anxious in a crowded space, all these people will notice how you feel and judge you because of it.

Don’t believe your lies, they cannot tell, they are not even paying you any attention, they have their own problems to deal with.

You feel you must always come across well to people, it matters what they think about you and you must always be as perfect as possible.

Don’t believe your lies, people think about you a lot less than you think. Just because in your mind your world revolves around you, do not think others have that same perspective. It’s our flaws and imperfections which make us human, these are what make us love and care for each other.

You feel you’re not the person you want to be and that you’ll never be able to be that person.

Don’t believe your lies, you are that person and you can be what you want to be no matter how your anxiety makes you feel.

You feel the constant need to keep checking yourself and how you feel, you think it’s a way to make sure you are ok.

Don’t believe your lies, by constantly checking you are giving anxiety and panic its fuel to exist. Stop checking yourself, it does not help, instead focus on what you need to do.

You spend hours worrying about every possible thing imaginable and feel it is helping to keep you safe.

Don’t believe your lies, 99% of the things you worry about will never come true. Even if they are likely to, worrying about them will never stop it happening, only taking action to improve the situation will.

You think you have to change who you are and limit what you do to try and prevent yourself feeling anxious.

Don’t believe your lies, by doing this you are perpetuating the anxiety and panic, not relieving it. You must show it no care, do what you know is right despite the way you feel.

You cannot stop the incessant thoughts in your mind.

Don’t believe your lies, you can change the way you think and learn to spot and stop your unrealistic negative thinking.

Anxiety and panic often leave you feeling like you are at war with your mind. You and your mind are one and the same thing, so how can you be at war?

Stop trying to fight something it is impossible to fight against. Instead you must alter your thinking and realise that your anxiety and panic are telling you things which are not true.

Then you must take the steps to disprove them for good. To untwist your thinking and face your fears and show them for what they really are. A big fat dirty lie which you have sold to yourself and now hold as the truth.

Take it from someone who had believed all the above and more. Who now sees they had been mislead by their own mind for so long and has vowed to never believe those lies again.


Hugo Rock


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