Azure Window

It’s been a while…..

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap”

Ani DiFranco


Azure WindowAs the title says……

It’s been a while.

In fact, it’s been almost 8 months, and way too long since I lasted posted a new article.

Although I’ve still been about and replying to comments and emails where I can, I’ve had very little time to focus on the site.

But I’ve now put aside some more time in my week to start writing again.

I’ve missed it.

My aim will be to write one or two articles each month.

From the number of comments and questions I’ve received it looks like I still have a lot more to cover.

It’s been great to see so many people reading the site and the responses and positive feedback I have received.

Even without writing any new articles for so long, the site has grown and grown, with more people visiting than ever before.

So first of all…

Thank you.

It means that the time I take to write is really making a difference for many of you.

That’s why I started Calm and Courageous.

Because I understood how difficult it was to escape the trap of spiralling anxiety, panic and depression.

For those of you who are still struggling to overcome anxiety, I plan to make this site even better, so that more and more of you can find your path to recovery.

I will be covering new topics, as well as writing in more details about ones I have written about before.

As many of you have requested it, I will also be finishing off my Unrealistic Negative Thinking series. Part 3 has been sat in my drafts folder for months now.

If you have anything specific you would like me to cover, then please leave me a comment below with what you’d like to hear about.

However, as parts of anxiety are slightly different for everyone, I can only really cover topics I know and understand.

2017 is shaping up to be a great year, and I’m looking forward to being more active on here again.

So you may be asking, what have I been up to all this time?

Well a lot of it has been spent working, my business has got very busy (I run 3 websites operating in 2 different countries) and I’ve spent a lot of time focused on that.

I also spent 6 weeks doing some travelling in France, Italy and Malta, unfortunately it wasn’t all play, as I had the laptop with me too.

But I did get to see the Azure Window in Gozo before it fell into the sea earlier this month!

Azure Window Panoramic

A panoramic photo I took of the Azure Window in Gozo (October 2016)

Finally I went through a break up with a long term ex, so decided to focus on me for a while, which has actually been really nice.

Other than that, just enjoying life, keeping busy and remembering that not only can I cope with whatever life throws at me, I can have a great time along the way.

The first article should be up in the next week or so, I have quite a few good ones I started but never got round to finishing.

So before I go, I just want to remind you all of one thing.

Although we are all strangers here, with our own unique issues and neuroses, we’re all in this together.

You’re not alone.

Even if we are all miles apart and tapping out our thoughts and frustrations through our keyboards.

Help and knowledge is key to being able to recover, and getting involved and discussing issues in the comments of these articles is a big part of that.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


Hugo Rock


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