Never be perfect, be a better version of you

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it”

Salvador Dali


FlowersNever ever be perfect.

The perfect you would be a terrible you. It wouldn’t be you at all.

The perfect you would long to make mistakes again.

The perfect you would mean you have nothing to strive for, nothing to improve on and nothing to achieve.

The perfect you would not be able to enjoy the highs because it wouldn’t get the lows.

If you are always trying to be perfect you are in the pursuit of the unachievable and this will only contribute to your worries and woes.

Do not measure yourself up against the achievements of others, instead use them to inspire you to become the better version of you.

This is much more rewarding than simply following the herd.

It’s unchartered territory because there is no template of ‘you’ to follow.

Only you can be you, but that’s good, seeing as everyone else is taken.

Accept the imperfections, embrace them and delight in the uniqueness of self.

Who cares that you are not perfect, I know I’d like you all the more for it.

You’d make me laugh, you’d make me cry, you’d make me feel like you’re someone real.

This is what matters, not that edited version of yourself you try and exude. The one which puts the pressure on you to be something you are not.

That version can only make you feel anxious in your never ending struggle to achieve it.

Take off that mask, cast it out amongst your fears and rejoice in who you really are.

When you make mistakes………try again.

When you mess up……….start over.

When you feel down…………rise up.

What ever you do, never give up on being a better imperfect you.

When you feel anxious keep on going, if you feel panicked don’t give in.

Neither can hurt you and you must never allow them to stop you being who you are.

They don’t care for you, so why should you care for them?

I plan on never being perfect and that’s just fine with me.

My plan is to be the best version of myself, to let my failures encourage me to grow. To never allow my thoughts and fears to stop me doing what I want, being who I am and achieving what I know I can.

You can do the same, there is no secret, no method to follow. It simply requires an acceptance of self and a desire to never give in.

Through your failures will come your successes and through these you become the person that you need.

Stand tall, scream loud, let everyone know that perfect’s not for you, instead you’re going to be a better version of yourself. 



…..anxiety and panic free.


Hugo Rock


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