What is Fear?

“Fear is of the unknown, that you will be unable 
to cope with what life throws your way and that when you look back you’ll regret that it stopped you doing the things that you wanted to do”

Hugo Rock


Fear is something we have all experienced at some point in our lives.

It is that feeling of dread felt deep down inside.

Those who have anxiety and panic often live with it daily and it can quickly consume much of their lives.

Often their biggest fear is that they will always feel this way, that the fear will limit what they do.

So what is fear?

Fear is simply an overwhelming feeling of being unable to cope.

That you feel mentally and/or physically not up to the challenge of what is happening in your life.

This could be caused by a stranger running at you with a knife (something 99.9% of the population are unlikely to feel they can deal with) or just having to meet and talk to new people at a business meeting.

It is fuelled by your thoughts, without them it cannot exist.

So what do you need to know about fear?

Let’s first start off with what you do not need to know about fear.

Fear is an emotion induced by a perceived threat which triggers off a chemical reaction in the brain and blah blah blah!

It doesn’t matter. Get this right now……..IT DOES NOT MATTER!

There is no need for you to understand the biological mechanisms of fear. Why you feel stressed out, anxious or panicked and spend all day worrying about the most pointless things imaginable.

By continually looking in to the mechanisms, and telling yourself what you have, only exacerbates it further.

The only thing that matters is that you do not allow it to rule your life. That you focus your body and mind together towards one purpose – the road to recovery.

You will need to commit to this journey, understanding you’ll need both knowledge and determination.

There is only one fact which you should understand about fear:

When you are born there are only two things you fear; falling and sudden loud noises (startling) – these are built in to your DNA, passed on through generations as a survival mechanism.  Every other single fear is learnt as you develop and evolve through your life.

This is one of the most powerful pieces of information you will ever need to know.

You were not always this way and you do not have to remain this way!

Once you’ve understood this you can see that you do not have to live with panic and anxiety for the rest of your life.

You have the power within yourself to stand tall, fight back and win.

The feelings of anxiety and panic cannot be beaten by calming techniques, going to your doctor or the taking of pills. These are coping techniques.

They can only be beaten by a decision, an agreement that you make deep inside of yourself that you will not live the rest of your life frightened and afraid.

That every single day you will take the steps required to remove this poison from inside your mind, until you can’t even remember what if felt like. Taking this first step isn’t easy, otherwise you would not be here right now, but it is possible for everyone to do.

It can be summed up by a very simple equation:

Knowledge + Dedication + Time = The Road to Recovery

If you are ready to take the most incredible journey of your life, to do things you could never have believed and then want to do even more……….then you are ready to begin.


Hugo Rock

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